How a VPN Can Stop Spam Emails

How a VPN Can Stop Spam Emails

Have you been suffering from spam emails? As your inbox is filled with endless, boring messages from companies you don’t know about products you don’t need, you can feel like throwing your computer out of the window. Although most spam emails aren’t malicious and won’t do any harm to your device when you click them, … [Read more…]

How to Choose the Best VPN for Online Gaming

How to Choose the Best VPN for Online Gaming

In a world increasingly overrun by online cyber threats, the importance of Virtual Private Network (VPN) services can never be understated. A VPN plays a crucial role in protecting your online privacy and preventing your online activity from being monitored. It also keeps your data safe and secure from theft or manipulation by third parties. … [Read more…]

SkyVPN Making Efforts to Help Under-Lockdown Kashmir Regain Internet Freedom

Recently, people in India-controlled Kashmir have been suffering from government’s restrictions on their Internet service for over 200 days, including social media blocking and 3G/4G network cutting. Earlier, websites were even blocked in Kashmir, including some websites closely related with people’s daily life such as Amazon. Feb. 21st, 2020 Just imagine for a minute, you … [Read more…]

What’s Private Browsing?

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What Does Private Browsing Mode Do? Private browsing is a feature some web browsers hold that lets you browse the internet incognito. When private browsing is enabled, a temporary browsing session is started, isolated from the main session of web browser and users’ data. When browsing in private, sometimes called incognito, your browsing history won’t … [Read more…]

Incognito: How to Use It for Your Online Privacy?

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Who knows you most? Your friend? Your husband or wife? Your children? Or your mum? Different people have different replies. In today’s world, however, whether you admit it or not, your web browser knows you best. It captures your likes based on your browsing habits and remembers your favorite websites, movies, or content. Besides, it … [Read more…]