Without a Recommended List for Commercial Target, Just Tell You What Contributes to the Best VPN for Windows?

best vpn for windows

As I start searching on Google with the keyword “best VPN for Windows”, tons of queries are provided most of which contain recommended lists of VPNs titled “Best VPN for Windows 10” or “Top 10 Best VPN for Windows”. It’s not difficult to guess the original aim of these articles that contain certain VPN providers. … [Read more…]

DNS Leak Test


What Is DNS and How Does It Work? The Domain Name System (DNS) does what a translator does between a human user and an internet server. As we type www.skyvpn.net into a browser window, the internet does not know where specifically it should go since the language the website conforms to cannot be understood by … [Read more…]

What Is Split Tunneling VPN and How Can It Help You


Virtual Private Network helps people in a lot of aspects when they browse online, from visiting restricted content to protecting data and privacy. VPN plays a role as a tunnel encapsulating the data transmitted between the client device and a VPN server in all cases. Although VPN helps people stay anonymous online by hiding their … [Read more…]

VPN Kill Switch: What Is It and Why You Need It


A Visual Private Network (VPN) protects your online security and privacy by hiding your IP address, encrypting your data tunnel, or bypassing governmental restrictions to essentially stop your online activities from being tracked or monitored by your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or spying eyes. The target of a kill switch remains the same as that … [Read more…]

SkyVPN Releases a New Server Located in Italy to Cope with Cybersecurity Pressure during COVID-19

SkyVPN, a VPN service provider today announced a new VPN server location was released in Italy, aiming at expanding VPN network and enabling users to have a new VPN server option for their internet freedom and online security and privacy protection to go through COVID-19 pandemic. April 10th, 2020 Today, SkyVPN added a new server … [Read more…]

Why SkyVPN is Labeled as the Best Free VPN

Why SkyVPN is Labeled as the Best Free VPN

Most of the time, “free” is a myth. Nothing can be obtained without any need to pay. Unless you embrace communism. But…that has its downsides, too. The phrase “free VPN” has been used as a “barber’s pole” in App Store or Google Play to tell others that this or that VPN is worth downloading. Unfortunately, … [Read more…]

What is a VPN Like that Can Beat Netflix VPN Ban?

how to beat netflix ban

Netflix has different catalogs of movies and TV shows for different countries. Not alone Netflix, such restrictions are also available on Hulu, Amazon, etc. Theoretically, geographical restrictions can be easily bypassed with a virtual private network (VPN) used, pretending your connection comes from somewhere else than your actual location. Netflix, however, uses a VPN monitoring … [Read more…]

Don’t Want to Miss Banned Games in Saudi Arabia? Here’s the Way.

how to unblock gaming ban in saudi arabia

Whether you’re under self-quarantine or government-mandated isolation, it’s a great time to enjoy video gaming online. Unfortunately, some popular games are banned in Saudi Arabia. That stops ordinary people from relaxing themselves by video games. Worse still, professional game players’ profit will be dramatically cut since they fail to take part in the world-level online … [Read more…]

Can’t Play PUBG in UAE? Here’s How to Bypass the Ban

how to unblock gaming ban in uae

If you’ve been a video game player for some time, you must know the government of United Arab Emirates has banned many popular video games due to violence and other concerns. The violence concern mainly speaks of children while the banning stops ordinary people from relaxing themselves by video games. Worse still, professional game players’ … [Read more…]