Why SkyVPN is Labeled as the Best Free VPN

Most of the time, “free” is a myth. Nothing can be obtained without any need to pay. Unless you embrace communism. But…that has its downsides, too.

The phrase “free VPN” has been used as a “barber’s pole” in App Store or Google Play to tell others that this or that VPN is worth downloading. Unfortunately, it’s usually the case that so-called free VPNs can’t be used totally free of charge, and you don’t find that out until after you install and begin to use them. That’s a waste of time. If you truly want a free VPN that’s worth the download, go for SkyVPN.

Why SkyVPN is a Truly Free VPN

Use SkyVPN Completely Free of Charge

SkyVPN gives each of its users a “wallet” to store their earned premium traffic. It will stay in the wallet forever unless it is spent on browsing using a SkyVPN connection. Different browsing content calls for different amounts of traffic to be consumed. For example, scripts call for the lowest, while video calls for the most traffic. As you disconnect SkyVPN, traffic consumption will come to an end and the rest of your remaining traffic will still be kept in the wallet.

Therefore, the traffic kept in your SkyVPN wallet won’t go down or disappear as time goes by. It can only be used when SkyVPN is connected for browsing.

Compared with the working model of other free VPNs, the SkyVPN model has the following advantages:

  • Eternity. Traffic can be kept in user’s SkyVPN wallet forever unless you use it. A friend of mine complained about a free VPN with which she earned some online time using their app. When she opened it the next time, the earned online time was reset to zero! If she wanted to use it, she had to regain that online time again. That’s a waste of time!
  • Convenience. All the traffic kept in SkyVPN wallet is reachable at any time and you can use it for any emergency. Your usage hours are never restricted, and you can use them for any website.
  • Transparency. It’s easy to see how much traffic has already been used and how much is left. The number reminds you when to earn more traffic for your next browsing session.
Multiple Traffic Sources on SkyVPN

On SkyVPN, you have numerous sources to earn premium traffic for free.

  • Daily Check In: 25-75 MB per time

Ordinary Check In helps users to earn 25 MB each time. When daily check-in is constantly made, more traffic to use builds up.

  • Feeling Lucky: 25 MB per time

The traffic you can obtain from Feeling Lucky is random – get up to 25 MB of traffic if you’re lucky!

  • Watch Videos: 25 MB per video

Yes, you can earn 25 MB just by watching a video, normally a short ad.

  • Invite Friends: 1 GB per friend

Whenever you successfully invite a friend to use SkyVPN, you can get 1 GB traffic. That’s a huge number, right?

  • Special Offers: 500 MB per offer

You’ll always have multiple chances to earn special offers: enabling your location, filling in a questionnaire, downloading a sponsored App, etc.

If a user completes all the above items, it’s easy to get 2 GB in the SkyVPN wallet in no time at all. Then, the user can watch a movie with the traffic.

What Do SkyVPN Users Say about Its Free VPN Service?

I almost never leave reviews, but this is amazing. You don’t have to pay a single cent. The ads aren’t that bad either, it’s not like you get an ad every 5 seconds. Love skyvpn.

By JustPassingBy123

Okay, I’ll leave this pretty short. It’s one of the best FREE VPNs I’ve ever used. One of the things I was most impressed with was getting the premium service for free, as long as you check-in and watch ads to get premium traffic. Works great in anywhere, have never had a problem with it. I’m able to connect at school or work and still have a fast, reliable connection to do whatever needs doing. Highly recommend.

By ELDRVARÍTHEtroublesom

I had to make time to write this review because it deserves it! Not only is it free, but it’s real and not spammy, unlike all the other VPN apps that I used. Take my word, skyVPN is the G.O.A.T and it’s true on their add when they say it’s ‘reliable’ and ‘free’ THANK GOD I STUMBLED ON THIS APP.

By Survivalist64

Easy to use. Just tap connect, and it works perfectly! And you get free premium VPN usage! I recommend skyvpn, 10/10

By cayla12350

Why Do 20,000,000+ Users Around the World Choose SkyVPN? Not Only Because It’s Free!

  • Ultra-fast and Stable VPN Speed
  • Unlimited Bandwidth, No Throttling
  • Freedom to Access Any Website and App
  • Hide Your IP Address and Location
  • Break Local Internet Restrictions
  • Protect Your Online Security and Privacy
  • Compatible with Different OS and Devices

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