Finally! Easiest way to make money!

Tired of working for others? Want to start your own business?

Been looking for the ways to become economic independence and not dependable on parents?

Want to build your own career outside all the household chores?

Getting an additional source of income beyond your day job?

SkyVPN will help you achieve all of these!!!

With SkyVPN and TOP points,

You’ll become your own boss;

You’ll gain financial independence;

You’ll have your own business.

Easiest way to make money!

Make money simply by using SkyVPN & inviting friends!

The friends you invite will also make money for you!

Earning dollar bills will be as easy as pie!

What are you waiting for?

Hop on this gravy train and start making money!


Step 1.

Go to “Invite friends to get points” page

Tap the Facebook icon to go to the share page (make sure you have Facebook installed first)


Step 2.

Tap Share on the top right of the page to share the invitation link


Step 3.

Wait for your friends to open the link, and download SkyVPN


Step 4.

You friends need to enter the REDEEM code. It is a valid invitation only when the code is redeemed to link their SkyVPN accounts with yours.

Note: You’ll get more bonus rewards when your friends have at least 50 points!


The more friends you invite,

The more friends your friends invite,

The more points you’ll get!

Not just rewards for inviting friends,

But also rewards for your friends’ invites !

No longer a dream to have an ENDLESS FLOW OF MONEY!


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