Millions of People Are Enjoying Free Internet with SkyVPN in The Philippines. How!?

From last month, lots of users from the Philippines told us that “SkyVPN is like a Master in their country now because they can use free data of internet service providers by SkyVPN”.

How Philippines used SkyVPN to enjoy free internet of Mobil Phone:

Based on this information, we find out there are common bugs in internet service providers of some countries, and SkyVPN can use them to allow people use free data of these internet service providers. There are millions of people in Philippines & Bangladesh used SkyVPN to enjoy free internet of Mobil Phone.

How to Get Free Internet?
Step 1: Download SkyVPN from Google Play or App Store
Step 2: Load to store at least 5 php in your account
Step 3: For TNT SIM, text “protect on” and send to 4545; For Globe Telecom SIM, text “surfalert on” and send to 8080
Step 4: Open the mobile data network
Step 5: Open SkyVPN, then click “connect”, if it connected, then you can enjoy the free internet. If connection failed, then try again or switch other country’s server until it connected.

Notice: The free internet It is available for Globe Telecom For smart telecon ISP, it has limitation by 1 GB. If you reached 2 GB per month, you will be blocked.

Download SkyVPN:



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