1. Hello
    Thank you for your support of the Iranian people
    I am one of the users of your app in Iran, but the speed of your application has recently slowed down and is sometimes interrupted.
    I have a channel in the telegram and I’ve introduced your app, so the more users can get it, the speed may be reduced.
    I had a request from you, if possible:
    Take the intra-epithelial volume limit for the Iranian people or zero to make it easier for the Iranians to use it.
    Or, in terms of the speed of the connected servers to the app, there is a higher speed for the app.
    Thanks again for your sympathy and cooperation

  2. Mahdi

    Hello dear,
    Thanks for app , i’m in iran and i need too access freedom internet , however when i click download windows app give me an Error why ?

    Best Regards.

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